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John Kloer Flight Log Index  (AKA OJ)

Some flights copied from the SCPA discussion Forum

Description year_mo-day
Skyport to East Beach 2015_01-31
EJ's to Padaro Beach 2013_11-24
EJ's to Padaro Beach 2013_09-28
Pine to Gorman 2006_07-15
Pine Redemption 2006_06-29
Pine & Chiefs 2006_06-17
Oat Mt Condors 2006_06-11
Easter Whale at Bates 2006_04-16
Skyport to Canalino School 2006_03-04
Chief's to Bump 3 2005_12-11
Nordhoff to Crane School 2005_12-04
Ojai to Fillmore 2005_11-27
Pine to Ojai 2005_10-22
The Rat Race 2005_06-04