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Andy Dainsberg Flight Archive Index

Some flights copied from the SCPA / SBSA discussion Forum

Description yr_mo-day
Nuthouse Condors 14_01-15
Nuthouse to Fillmore 13_08-25
Skyport to Fillmore 13_01-13
EJ to Ojai 13_01-04
Nuthouse to East Beach in SB 12_11-11
EJ Bowl to Santa Paul Ridge to Nordhoff 12_11-04
Nuthouse to Fillmore 12_04-28
Skyport to East Beach 12_04-15
Alternator to Nordhoff HS 12_04-07
Bates x4 12_03-17
Nuthouse to East Beach 12_03-09
Nuthouse to East Beach 12_03-04
Skyport to Cold Springs School 12_02-17
Bates to Seaward in Ventura 12_02-11
Alternator to Condor Point 12_02-05
Nuthouse to Santa Barbara 12_02-04
EJ's to Ballard 10_04-02


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